"The details are not the details. they make the design". -Charles Eames.

Modesty Interiors specializes in design and manufacturing for interior refits, exterior furniture, upholstery, capping rails and other wooden fittings such as gratings, these services offer a comprehensive range of products to fulfil the requirements of most projects.


Here at Modesty Interiors we utilise 3D cad design to produce rendered visuals of designs for the client’s approval. Our design studio are developing as one of the most significant yacht interior design companies, not only in Mallorca, but worldwide.


At Modesty Interiors there is close liaison between the design team and the production workshop ensuring the interpretation of the design and quality of the end product will exceed the client’s wishes and expectations.


The Design team are supported by an excellent infrastructure of not only the production team but also the purchasing department. All these departments gel together to create a high quality product.