Here at Modesty Interiors we are keen to keep pace with modern finishes and trends. To enable us to offer a larger range of finishes we are now able to vinyl wrap surfaces which previously would have needed painting, veneering or the use of a pre-finished surface. 


The main areas that can be wrapped are deck heads, interior panels, interior doors, bridge control panels and any surface where a normal, special or different kind of finish is required.


There are a large number of finishes available such as wood grain, Leather, Carbon fibre, Chrome and an extensive range of normal colours in gloss, satin and matt


The vinyls we use are from major manufacturers such as 3M, Hexis and Avery Dennison. Theses manufacturers all have vinyl suitable for interior and exterior use and we would choose the correct vinyl product for the specific application. 


We have a specially equipped workshop at our premises in Palma where we can carry out large projects in the correct environment. However smaller areas can be wrapped on-board.  


The process of wrapping on-board is clean and unobtrusive.